1K Monkey Genomes Files:

  1. population_duplication_2383.rheMac10.txt
  2. population_deletion_17267.rheMac10.txt
  3. population_inversion_1335.rheMac10.txt
  4. population_duplication_2383.rheMac10Plus.txt
  5. population_deletion_17267.rheMac10Plus.txt
  6. population_inversion_1335.rheMac10Plus.txt
  7. rheMac10_572rhe_remove254,401SNVs.vcf.gz
  8. rheMac10_572rhe.vcf.gz
  9. rheMac10Plus_572rhe_remove254,401SNVs.vcf.gz
  10. rheMac10Plus_572rhe.vcf.gz
  11. rheMac10Plus.fa

Others Files:

  1. RB2 Gene Models in gpe format
  2. RB2 NTRs in bed format
  3. RB1 Gene Models (gpe, bed, gtf and gff3)
  4. Transcript ID Mapping between RB1 and Ensembl
  5. ID Mapping between Entrez and Ensembl
  6. RB2 Gene (Gene Page) Information
  7. Entrez ID mapping between Rhesus Macaque and Human
  8. RefSeq RNA Sequences
  9. RefSeq Protein Sequences
  10. RNA Sequences based RB2 Genes, RB1 Genes and Ensembl Genes
  11. SNPs identified by RhesusBase Genome-seq data (version 1)
  12. GPCR list
  13. Cell Adhesion Molecules (CAMs) and Ontology
  14. Secretory Proteins list
  15. Expression of Human Gene
  16. Expression of Rhesus Macaque Gene
  17. Expression of Mouse Gene
  18. Population Genetics Parameters of Human Transcripts
  19. Population Genetics Parameters of Rhesus Macaque Transcripts
  20. Population Genetics Parameters of Rhesus Macaque Codon-based Transcripts
  21. The McDonald–Kreitman test of Human Transcripts
  22. Whole genome sequencing data
  23. The coverage of whole genome sequencing data
  24. SNPs identified by RhesusBase Genome-seq data (version 2)
  25. Iso-seq sequence of human
  26. Iso-seq sequence rhesus macaque 1
  27. Iso-seq sequence rhesus macaque 2
  28. All newly-defined macaque gene models and Ensembl genes not covered by our Iso-seq data
  29. All newly-defined macaque gene models
  30. High-quality (The whole isoform is supported by both Iso-seq reads and RNA-seq spliced reads) newly-defined macaque gene models